5 Reasons to Love Gurus

May 11,
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I’ve never been a flip-flop gal and have always struggled to find the perfect pair of beach sandals, or easy slip on, run-to-yoga shoes…until I found Gurus! Guru’s were created by Prem Thomas and Joe Choorapuzha, two guys who met in New York City after finding out their families grew up on the exact same street 7,000 miles away in India. Both men were unhappy with the fact that most sandals were built from plastic and other unsustainable materials, so they set out to build a “better sandal” inspired by the ancient Indian Paduka design. So much more than practical, cute and super comfy, here are the 5 buy-conscious reasons to fall in love with Gurus!

1. They’re natural latex is hand-harvested from rubber trees in India in a process that can continue daily for 25 years without harming the tree.

2. They’re biodegradable.

3. Gurus are based on an ancient 5,000 year old Indian design.

4. For every pair of Gurus sold one tree is planted.

5. Adjustable straps with no more flip flop toe scrunch.

Also be sure to check out Gurus cork yoga mat Kickstarter campaign here: www.ilovegurus.com/kickstarter ~ the only cork yoga mats with all natural rubber backing!

photos by Karla Xeno