5 Groundbreaking Emmy Noms You Should Know About

Aug 25,
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There’s a conscious movement going on in entertainment this year. Creators and show runners are weaving social and political issues into storylines in order to raise awareness.

Here are my Five Favorite Emmy-nominated shows that have messages I can definitely get behind:

1. Mad Men (Outstanding Drama Series) –

Photo: The Hollywood Reporter

We watched Don Draper fall from grace in season 7 as a result of his alcoholism and cheating. He lost his wife and got demoted on the job, which forced him to return to his roots, get his hands dirty, and do some self-reflection. We finally got a glimpse into his secret past and saw his conscience for the first time. The message of this season was one of redemption. We are always happy to see someone get a second chance to start over in life and be a better person.

2. Veep (Outstanding Comedy Series) –

Photo: The Hollywood Reporter

Selina Meyer hilariously became the President of the United States in a crazy chain of events last season. The message behind Veep is one of women’s empowerment. We can definitely get behind women running the country and being in the White House!

3. The Normal Heart (Outstanding Television Movie) –

Photo: Variety

This TV movie was pretty groundbreaking. Many gay actors were cast to play gay roles, and gay sex was portrayed in the same light as heterosexual sex; something we still don’t see a whole lot of on television. Kudos to Ryan Murphy for putting this heartfelt gay love story on the screen and shedding light on such a dark period of American history…to a time when Gays with AIDS were treated inhumanely.

4. Vice (Outstanding Informational Series) –

Photo: The Hollywood Reporter

This show is absolutely amazing. I’m a journalist writing an investigative book so I am biased, but this show exposes stories that need to be exposed. It brings awareness to major world issues, whether they are social, cultural, or political, like the forgotten war in Sudan, the aftermath of the Arab Spring, or universities for terrorists, and often covers stories that are not covered by mainstream media.

5. Years of Living Dangerously (Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series) –

Photo: Variety

This series is all about environmental activism. Correspondents travel around the world and report on areas affected by global warming in order to get people to understand the impact of climate change. Reporters interview experts and discuss proposed solutions to environmental problems that are meant to get audiences involved.

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