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Rose Anna (Rose) grew up on a farm in Tennessee. Her “hippie-ish” parents met at a Yoga Ashram, owned a health food store and instilled a deep love of the earth and a responsibility to protect it and all of it’s people early on. Her first job was tidying the shelves and assisting with sales at the Sunflower “health food” store at the age of six. Rose co-founded BuyConscious to connect conscious brands with conscious consumers, putting her digital media skills to work to help make the world a better place. Rose has worked as a sales and business development lead for several innovative start-ups in the digital video and ad-tech space. She’s passionate about helping start-ups succeed and partnering with clients to design immersive and engaging marketing solutions. And also proud to be a University of Miami Hurricane!

A favorite BuyConscious buy:TOMS shoes – pioneering purchase with impact through one for one giving. Also, versatile and comfortable, I strongly dislike uncomfortable shoes”.  



Julia’s love for storytelling was inspired by her mother, the first female TV producer at a local station in Upstate New York. After graduating from the University of Miami with co-founder Rose, this former Division One springboard diver and broadcast journalism major began her career at Good Morning America where she worked for several years. But it was Julia’s struggles with food allergies that inspired her to raise consciousness about her challenges surrounding food and health. Julia’s passion for healthy food, travel, music and women’s empowerment all came together when she helped create BuyConscious! 

A favorite BuyConscious buy: “Dairy-free Alter-Eco Chocolate. I can literally eat a whole bar in two minutes feel pretty good about it, especially since this fair trade company uses a portion of their sales to plant trees, helping to restore the rainforest”.



Growing up in a log cabin in the Napa Valley with a humanitarian mother and an artist father, it’s no wonder Blaire’s passion has always been to combine philanthropic causes with innovative concepts. A Nor Cal gal at heart with a deep love for solo travel and exploration, Blaire is an advocate for the volunteer vacay, inspiring others to embrace voluntourism and “travel for change”. With her degree in theatre from The New School Blaire works as actor, host and commercial model in NYC, but continues to combine her creative talents with positive change by contributing to BuyConscious, as well as The Wandering Yogis, MaxAnimal, Dame Traveler and other wellness, travel & lifestyle forums. Being a part of the amazing BuyConscious team grants Blaire the opportunity to do what she loves most and inspire others to believe that small changes really do create a large impact.

A favorite BuyConscious buy: Article22’s Peace Bomb necklace that transforms brutality into beauty. Stunning jewelry made from littered bombshells in Laos, one of my favorite countries in the world”. 



After growing up in Connecticut and attending college in Boston, Christine made her way to the west coast to pursue her degree in acting. When a once in a lifetime opportunity presented itself, Christine and her younger sister set out on a two year, across the country and abroad trip, volunteering at various non-profits. Returning from Haiti, Christine had a mission to help spread the good word of fantastic brands, people, organizations and destinations that may be somewhat off the radar. Christine and Julia met at a birthday party and completely bonded while discussing the power of women supporting other women, their love for travel, food and music! Christine is beyond excited to be a part of this movement to create simple changes in our lives that create a large impact with these bad ass smart, talented and creative women.

A favorite BuyConscious buy: Scanpan cookware!! I started a personal chef business and know the importance of having quality products in the kitchen. These pans are fantastic”. 

Guest Contributors

Danika Brysha: DanikaBrysha.com – Plus size model & founder of Model Meals

Dasha SaianSaian.net  – Founder of Natural Clinical Skin Care brand, Saian & foodie 

Gervase Caycedo Kolmos: ShinyHappyHuman.com – Certified Life Coach & founder of Shiny.Happy.Human

Andrea Pido: ConsciousCook.com – Private chef, caterer and founder of Conscious Cook

Kane Lieu: MyFreshBite.com – International health and fitness celebrity guru, founder of My Fresh Bite

Brigida Santos: BrigidaSantos.com – Producer, writer, and journalist

Anna Wascher: Mailaka for Life – Co-founder and expert on the financial and tech industries

Kristen KenneyMailaka for Life – Co-founder, TV host and extreme sports junky


We love to collaborate! We feature guest posts from some of the most inspiring people we know. If you’re interred in contributing to our conscious community,  please reach out to us at info@buyconscious.com !

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