Accessories with a Mission

Mar 26,
By Rose
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We love to see collaborations between cool companies and great causes. When those collaborations result in amazing arm candy, even better! We are so pumped that Chris Pan, founder of and Kristen Kenney, founder of, teamed up for an #EndMalaria campaign.

100% of proceeds of purchases from this collection will go to to purchase malaria medicine. As always, you choose your word on the front of the ring. The back of the ring will be stamped with #myintent #endmalaria.

Here is the story behind Kristen’s word:  Fearless.

“It is so easy to let our fears get in the way of living. It’s been two years since my dad passed away. He was a man who faced his fears, conquered them and lived life to the fullest. Because of him, I have made it my 2015 intention to rid fear from my life; to take more risks; to jump off a ledge (with a harness of course 🙂 and chase my dreams…fearlessly.”

My order has shipped and I cant wait to receive my bracelet! I’ll share a picture when I get mine, please do the same when you get yours and tag us @buyconscious #myintent #endmalaria

All photos via (Chris Pan)