Community Spotlight: Deva Talks Acupuncture!

May 18,
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Blaire chats with her gorgeous cousin Deva Cassandra to learn all about her acupuncture practice in Northern California.

Blaire: Hi cousin Deva!

Deva: Hi Blaire Pie!

B: Alrighty, so a lot of people aren’t even sure what acupuncture is. Can you give us a brief description?

D: An Acupuncturist is a health practitioner who has been trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This ancient medicine is the oldest form of documented medicine. It is based on the observation of nature’s effects on the body. Specific meridians, which are like energetic highways, are stimulated using thin needles. The needles promote the body’s Qi or energy. Stimulating the Qi throughout the body can support the body in healing itself.

B: And how did you become interested in acupuncture?

D: In my twenties I became interested in herbalism and learning about the medicinal plants that grew locally in Northern California. I learned how to go into the woods and identify, harvest and make my own medicine. After attending several herbalism schools, I realized that I needed more clinical experience. One of my teachers suggested that I study Chinese medicine. This lead me to Five Branches University where I completed the four-year masters program in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

B: So what is it that makes your particular practice unique?

D: I specialize in women’s reproductive health, fertility and pregnancy. I love working with women and helping them feel vibrant from the inside out. With cosmetic acupuncture I help to bring more Qi and blood flow to my patients’ face to renew and refresh their skin. I also do a lot of pain management, which is the most common reason people seek out acupuncture.

B: Crazy! I had no idea there was such thing as cosmetic acupuncture! So why would someone get acupuncture vs. conventional medication?

D: Everyone should give Chinese Medicine a try. Except for emergencies and severe conditions, most health issues can benefit from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Western medicine and Chinese medicine can work really well together too. For example, Chinese Medicine can help to reduce the side effects of chemo and radiation in cancer treatments.

B: What type of changes do you see from your clients after working with them?

D: I see my clients becoming relaxed in mind and body and much more receptive of the treatments as time goes on. Not everyone feels great changes from acupuncture, but the ones who do thrive. All systems of the body can be encouraged to function at a higher level with acupuncture.

B: Now a question for the scaredy cats…is it painful to put all those little needles all over your body?

D: Not to worry, for the most part it is not painful. Only occasionally it will be slightly uncomfortable as the needle is inserted, but it fades quickly.  The benefits definitely outweigh the slim chance of pain.

B: What will you tell someone going to get acupuncture for the first time?

D: I would tell them breathe, relax and enjoy the experience!

B: Do you have any unique acupuncture experiences of your own?

D: Yes! The day before my due date of my daughter Scarlett Grace I went to see my acupuncturist. I had been seeing her for five weeks before my due date to start preparing my body for labor. On this day she gave me a strong treatment on my sacrum and asked me if I was ready to go into labor that night. Sure enough…I went into labor that night!! I also received acupuncture during labor to keep the contractions strong and after labor to help heal from the birth. Scarlett is strong, healthy and a true acupuncture baby!


To learn more about Deva Cassandra and her acupuncture practice visit her website:

Deva practicing acupuncture and cupping, another form of ancient alternative medicine which helps increase blood flow.