Things You HAVE to do at Art Basel!

Dec 5,
By Rose
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The BuyConscious mission is literally to buy things we believe in (and share them with you) so that the companies behind the brands and products can keep going, growing and making the world more awesome. This includes food, fashion, fitness and even experiences like travel, voluntourism and partying for a cause.

I’m heading down to Art Basel in Miami this weekend to immerse myself in inspiration. Miami truly feels like home for me since I spent so much of my life there and I can’t wait to see friends and eat some stone crab. One of the greatest things to happen in Miami in the last 15 years has been the development of Wynwood – an area that used to be  nothing more than a nondescript warehouse district in Miami. Now, since the conception of The Wynwood Walls by Tony Goldman in 2009, the area has turned into an outdoor “museum” featuring the world’s greatest graffiti and street art and has become an international cultural destination.

Yoga is a big part of my life and allows me to be more present and conscious of my community and myself, while music is a great source of inspiration and joy — combining the two leaves me feeling pretty fantastic. Now imagine amazing music, cool people, and cutting edge art coming together under the sun and blue skies in an ideal climate. This is YogArt at Art Basel and they are in full swing for their 4th year offering yoga sessions that are open to the public and led by some of the most sought after yoga teachers in South Florida.

 Photo Credit: Matt Roy via Yogart website

For the cost of a ticket, I am investing in bringing this priceless experience back next year and ensuring that future visitors have an opportunity to be involved. Is there a local band, artist, shop, restaurant, etc. that you love? This is a friendly reminder that every purchase is an opportunity to invest in someone’s success. Go out and support something you believe in this weekend and share it with us to repost @buyconscious.

Or, if you are in Miami – join us at YogArt this Saturday or Sunday morning. We’ll be wearing our Teeki yoga pants and Alternative Apparel tank to support some of our favorite conscious clothing brands!

Cover photo credit goes to our BFF and Art Basel wingman Anna Wascher!