Big Love for Big Picture Farms!

Aug 26,

I’m officially addicted to Big Picture Farm’s goat milk caramels. Its a problem…a very tasty and delicious problem. And these little goat milk treats aren’t just creamy rich yumminess, this awesome company takes their name and their cause very seriously and truly is invested in the ‘bigger picture’. Animal Welfare Approved, this darling hillside farmstead in Vermont has 46 healthy and happy free-range goats…seriously, these goats are as happy as they come. There’s even a name and drawing of every goat that contributed to your candies on each caramel box. Every product that Big Picture Farm produces comes from “a specific place and is made from the milk of a specific animal, eating specific flowers and leaves and plants at a specific time of year”. You just can’t deny the detail, love and care that goes into these sweet little caramels! I’m happy to admit I’m addicted and am a big fan of Big Picture Farms. 

Photos by Big Picture Farm