Get Back In Bed With Us! (Conscious Bedding 101)

May 6,
By Julia
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Photos: Boll and Branch

Moving into a new apartment is both a mix of excitement that comes with starting new…combined with massive amounts of stress from losing, breaking, finding, and unpacking things for what seems like months. I should know — I’m in the process of moving as we speak. Well technically I moved into my new Santa Monica apartment on April 1st, but I’m just starting to feel like it’s coming together.

Some of my stuff is in great condition — like my sturdy white writing desk I’ve had for years, but other things like my bedroom linens were definitely ready to be replaced. While looking vigorously for new sheets, I was shocked to discover how hard it is to come across a bedding brand that practices fair trade, uses organic materials, and are without dyes that make you want to itch your face off when you wake up. Dramatic? Maybe. Unless of course, like me, you’re allergic to everything.

Thank God for the internet because there I was searching for sheets one day when BOOM I came across Boll and Branch. Not only is this married couples’ business prideful of their free shipping, usage of 100% organic materials, are Fair Trade certified and are incredibly proactive in doing their part to end the modern-day slavery ridden communities where their people are exploited in many ways.

The prices are affordable, the progress is immeasurable, and the quality of the bedding itself is luscious. Check them out for yourself and let us know what you think on twitter @buyconscious!