Our Favorite Conscious Candles

Oct 13,
By Rose
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It’s kind of amazing how powerful scents can be. Silently, they can transport you…evoking memories, emotions and feelings. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I just moved, and my new apartment didn’t feel like my home until I introduced my favorite fragrances. Once I light my candles and the warm glow of the flame flickers, I feel instantly cozy. Being wrapped in familiar fragrance can have such a calming and comforting effect. Candles are one of those small pleasures in life that can feel so luxurious and they can have a big impact in more ways than one – Scents with notes of vanilla are my jam — and I’m excited to share my five faves.

It can be tough to get smells just right and these all pass with flying colors…without being too sweet or artificial. I typically burn vanilla scents in my “sexy cozy” living spaces (bedroom and living room) and use vibrant orange and citrus notes for other spots like the bathroom and office. Unscented is definitely the way to go with dinner or whenever food is involved…so your culinary creations can speak for themselves.

These candles are seriously delicious and the stories of the makers are awesome! Every candle featured here is eco friendly, cruelty free, and is from a sustainable company that is making the profits from your purchase work to give back.

Vanilla Bean & Peppercorn Prosperity Candle

Raven and Lily’s Silver Lake: Mango & Grapefruit Candle

The Honest Co.’s  Lavender & Vanilla Aromatic Soy Candle

100% Beeswax Fall Harvest Shapes by Sunbeam Candles

Red Flower Italian Blood Orange Petal Topped Candle

Other candle companies that caught our eye include: The Green Bottle Candle Company, Bridgewater Candle Company, Aloha Bay Candles, Pacifica and Alchemy Candles

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Cover Photo: Jarrett McGovern