Chris Pan: One Word Changed His Life

Oct 1,
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What is your life intention? That is what Chris Pan, founder of, wants you to think about. Chris started My Intent as a project to inspire and encourage people to think about the purpose or meaning of their lives and then create a platform for them to share it with the world.

His friend Ingrid gifted the idea to him on his 36th birthday. She gave him a kit to make intention bracelets and told him to pick a word that she could stamp on one. He would wear it as a daily reminder to focus his energy on whatever he wanted to manifest next in his life. The word he chose was “impact.”  Chris wanted to remind himself to make a difference with his life, not just have fun, because he’d been having a lot of fun with the gatherings he held at his house, which he called Spirit Lab.

Chris initially created Spirit Lab because he was depressed after going through a breakup. Instead of turning to prescriptions, he decided he wanted to sing, meditate, do tai chi, and have friends around to help him get through hard times. Spirit Lab was the healing environment he needed. After his birthday, he used the kit and added bracelet-making to the Spirit Lab activity list. They became a hot commodity. Pretty soon people were asking him to make them for friends and family.

The more bracelets he made, the more he realized everyone had an intent for their life. For most people, they just hadn’t thought about what that was, what their purpose was, in awhile. The conversations he had and the stories he heard were inspiring and often emotional. So many people had forgotten they could be the driving force behind their own destinies; people like me.

When I met with Chris, I realized there were steps I needed to take toward manifesting what I wanted in life. So the word I chose was “worth” because I needed help believing in myself. I needed a reminder that I was good enough, loving enough, smart enough, strong enough, hard-working enough, and talented enough to make my life count…so that when I die it will all have been worth it.

While Chris and I might have different words, the meaning behind them is the same. Chris’s word, “impact,” is pushing him to make his life count too. He is impacting the world by getting people to take the first step in making their dreams a reality. He is getting them to set their intent. He is also impacting the world by taking the #myintent movement one-step further. He is currently working on partnering with non-profits, organizations, and every day people to help them reach their goals on a larger level.

My Intent has already teamed up with Earth Angels to support relief efforts in Cabo San Lucas and the Baja Peninsula after Hurricane Odile devastated the area. Sales provided first aid kits, food, water, clothing, and other essentials people in need.

This all came from choosing one word. So now it’s your turn. What is your intent? Pick any word you want and go to to order a bracelet or necklace with your intention, or simply write your word down and put it by your bed or on your desk for daily inspiration. And please make sure to share your intentions. Use #myintent and tag @myintent on Instagram or upload to the organization’s Facebook Page, and tag us @buyconscious so that we can see what you shared!