Christine Daley: Why We Can't Get Enough

Nov 20,
By Julia
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Photo: Debra Somerville Photography

As you may know by now, we like to throw a weekly big old spotlight on the everyday superstars that rock our communities. We’ve brought you up close and personal with people like Adam Braun and his foundation Pencils of Promise, Music Unites founder Michelle Edgar, and other movers and shakers across the globe who are dedicated to the causes they’re passionate about. So, we figured — what better way to announce the newest addition to the BC team than with a spotlight herself! Ladies and gentlemen: meet our new BuyConscious homie, Christine Daley.

Christine traveled across the world with her sister — for over two years — stopping at many places along the way to volunteer. She spent time in Haiti with the organization Haiti Lumiere de Demain (HLD) where she distributed textbooks to students in need. She’s hung out with Potbelly pigs in Wyoming at Kindness Ranch caring for and rehabilitating animals who were previous used as research animals in laboratories. And on top of that, she dug her hands deep into the earth during her weeklong stint as an organic farmer at Orchard Hill in New Jersey, where she offered her labor in return for lodging!

Christine, or Toni as her close friends like to call her, has a desire for adventure and a heart for taking care of others. One of her goals and dreams is for women to support and build each other up rather than to compete or try to take down one another. She helped build up Buti Yoga — a tribal dance workout that encourages women to drop deep into their feminine power and let loose while increasing their confidence in the long run.
We’re so excited to have Christine on board and we know you’ll fall in love with her as much as we have! Make sure you add us on Instagram @buyconscious and let’s get social!