Community Spotlight: Taryn Southern

Jul 17,
By Julia
Sub-Categorized in: Community Travel

Taryn Southern is hilarious. She says what we’re all secretly thinking but are way too scared to say out loud. She’s a trailblazer, a Youtube pioneer (her “Hott 4 Hill” music video was one of the first YouTube videos to go viral back in 2007), and homegirl has over 375,000 subscribers who can’t wait for her new videos to come out every Tuesday.

But this funny gal has a heart as big as her wit. She’s been involved with The Thirst Project for the last few years, raising both awareness and funding to help the water crisis (there are over 1 billion people on the planet without access to safe water), specifically focusing on the nation of Swaziland in Africa. Swaziland has the highest density rate of HIV out of any country in the world (60-70% of their population), but many of the reported deaths come from drinking dirty, disease and bacteria-ridden water.

This last May, Taryn went with Thirst Project founder Seth Maxwell and a small crew to document and celebrate a new well that was built in part from funds raised by her dedicated YouTube fanbase. It was Taryn’s first time in Africa, and she had no idea what to expect. Watch her full journey HERE.

Taryn says that her passion for helping communities access clean water is very close to her heart. “Everyone has the ability to get to clean drinking water in these areas, but you can’t access the source without rigs — and rigs, well, they’re not cheap. The people in these villages don’t have the money to access their own natural resources…so the wells cut down on them having to walk miles and miles to get water that isn’t even clean. Its, wow… it just makes me realize how fortunate I am every time I turn on my faucet or hop in the shower.”

To find out how you can get involved with The Thirst Project click here. And of course, subscribe to Taryn on YouTube for more charm, witty sketches, and weekly inspiration across the board.