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Why We Love These Conscious Kids!

Mar 23,

Young kiddos singin’ it like it is! In this new clip by Only Organic, we see that even the little ones are fed up with the industrialized farming system in the US today.  Sick and tired of the current state of our farms, these conscious children break it down for us in the most simple of ways…singing the classic nursery song, “Old MacDonald.” But this is the brutally honest ugly truth of the sad state of MacDonald’s farms today; hormone pumped livestock, genetically modified corn crops, cramped chickens in tiny cages and pesticides poured on everything. As the dismal factory farming scenes play out, the youngsters decide enough is enough and switch up the old ditty, singing about New MacDonald and his organic farm. “New MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O…and that farm was chemical free, with no GMO’s…” We love the chemical free New MacDonald farm and the new conscious kid anthem!

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