5 Conscious Changes You Can Make Today

Feb 26,
By Rose
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This whole conscious consumer thing took off for me with small daily changes to my lifestyle and shopping habits. I can tell you that it feels really good to be (somewhat) in control of my contribution and impact on the global community and the planet. We are here to help and encourage consciousness in daily life that brings about positive change for everyone. So, today, tomorrow, next week…here are some impactful choices you can make that will create positive change – why not start now?!

  1. Shop local, for something: coffee, produce, home goods. Check out the label and see where it’s made, if its close by or close to the source – buy it. Want a new shirt, try a new store that isn’t in every mall in America.
  2. Reuse. Can you avoid using non reusable/recycle-able items for one day? Maybe bring your own bag to the grocery or use glass for food storage – mason jars are the new tupperware. Or, swap out your morning paper coffee cup for a ceramic mug? Life without plastic is a great resource for alternative products that you can reuse!
  3. Don’t drive…as much (and no we don’t mean Uber instead). If you must, can you carpool. Try public transportation, biking or walking – can you be more resourceful with how you plan your day? Give yourself a break most of the time, just try for one day a week.
  4. Recycle, seems obvious but we have to start somewhere. Start with one thing and don’t compromise, what do you use most of: paper, plastic bags, glass bottles, clothes or even hangers.
  5. Clean up! Is there one thing you do every day or more than once a week that is glaringly toxic? Do you use a body wash or face scrub with micro-beads, can you turn on paperless statements for any of your accounts, can you try a Meatless Monday?

It helps me to start small and take it one day at a time. Change one thing, read one package, get into a conversation with a local store owner about their shop — you will be amazed at how everything starts to feel connected and these small changes add up to big things. Added bonus, what’s healthy for the planet is also healthy for us!

Check out trashisfortossers for more inspiration and share your tips and progress with us on Facebook @buyconscious.