How to Expand Your Counter Space

Sep 18,
By Rose
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I’m moving; it’s a little bit stressful and a lot of work but mostly exciting. My experience with moving is that there are always trade-offs and compromises. Give up something old, get something new. But no matter where I move, I never feel like I have enough closets or counter space. This time I’m turning it into opportunity to get creative!

My new pad is a charming prewar brownstone, built in 1910. It is lovely and feels like a home – which is rare for apartment living. I love to cook and entertain, so I have to find a way to expand my counter space. In the past, I’ve settled for quick fixes – but not this time. Instead, I’m bringing pieces from storage that I already have and scouring antique stores and the Internet for items with history or at least really good stories. My goal is to buy less, using resources like Craigslist and tag sales where I can, and to invest in a few key pieces with big impact where I really need to.

I’ve decided that what my kitchen really needs is a kitchen cart that doubles a buffet and island. I plan on tucking it behind my stairs (yes…I have stairs in my new home!!) day-to-day and then rolling it out into my “dining room” area for party time. Enter John Boos & Company and the perfect kitchen cart from this super cool company with a great story and plenty of history.

Conrad Boos founded Boos & Co in 1887. He and his son John, who he named the company after, created the first versions of their “butcher blocks” for use as work surfaces for blacksmiths. They refined the product, expanded the market to butchers and when the railways came along for distribution, they started shipping coast to coast from their factory in Effingham, IL. Now, 127 years later, they are still manufacturing in the same area and have expanded into stainless steel, offering a wide array of commercial and residential kitchen products. They are definitely best known for the Boos Block but they also make countertops, kitchen islands and carts, and cutting boards.

Not only are John Boos & Co products made in the USA, but they are also made from sustainably sourced hardwood. The company is so passionate about using every scrap of material that beyond recycling – they even use sawdust to heat the kilns used for drying the wood. They are committed to the environment and to innovation as they continue to develop products that are relevant to today’s consumer while upholding high standards and preserving their history. Their new iBlock is another multi-use must have and great gift – what a difference a century makes! (photos above from 1905 and 2014)

Here’s the before, can’t wait to share the after! Please share creative ways you’ve expanded your counter space with us on Twitter @buyconscious!

Photos: Meredith Eves Flynn