Dogs on the Inside...A Second Chance for Prisoners and Abused Dogs

Feb 4,
By Julia
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Photo Credit: @dogsontheside

I am a dog person all the way. There’s something about their loyalty and the way they love humans unconditionally that makes me believe that they truly can be our best friend. I’m also a people person, meaning I love to be around people whenever possible, so you can imagine how excited I was to discover Dogs on the Inside, a documentary by¬†Expect Miracles Productions that shows the power that a human-canine relationship can have on both.

Dogs on the Inside documents the journey of prisoners’ lives as they work with abused or abandoned dogs, training them until they’re ready to be put up for adoption. With over 2 million prison inmates and over 4 million stray animals being euthanized ANNUALLY in the US due to overpopulation, a partnership between the two makes a lot of sense. The prisoners are able to gain back a part of their empathy and purpose that many have lost over their time behind bars, and the dogs are slowly able to gain trust and confidence.

The film comes out digitally on February 10th (you can pre-order here, or request a screening here). Please share with all dog lovers…and all lovers of humanity and for the right to a second chance.

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