Danika Preps Our Fridge With Recipes For The Week!

Jul 22,
Sub-Categorized in: Food

I made a special stop to get some sugar-free bacon on the way home, which is pretty much the equivalent of a bouquet of roses to me, and the next thing I knew it was 2 hours later and I’d meal prepped myself for a solid week. I am all about the clean cooking marathons. Having healthy options on hand is crucial for changing your eating habits. I can’t believe that this time last year I was running a meal delivery business out of my 2ft by 4ft NYC apartment kitchen. It always feels great to dust off the spatula!

Today’s cooking haul included ORGANIC:
– green beans with bacon dijon vinaigrette
– roasted cinnamon beets and carrots
– broccoli rosemary chicken salad (with bacon. duh)
– homemade mayo
– hardboiled eggs

For full recipes, check out @danikabrysha on Instagram or http://www.danikabrysha.com/