Engagement Ring Cheat Sheet

Aug 10,
By Rose
Sub-Categorized in: Life-Style

We all like sparkly things; it’s our basic human instinct. When we walk by something that is shining brilliantly and reflecting light in all directions, we stop and stare. Could be sequins, crystals, a disco ball or a diamond – either way, we are transfixed and mesmerized by the bouncing light. The allure of the beautiful bauble we call the “engagement ring” is only natural. Trust me, I waited ten years for mine, I’ve been looking at it every day for over 6 months and it hasn’t gotten old.

Your engagement ring is a symbol of the love that you and your life partner share that also shows off your style and personality as a couple. And you get to wear this awesome piece of jewelry every day. But damn, choosing the right ring is so complicated. It has so much significance that it has to be a responsible choice. So, we created a cheat sheet of some of our favorite options to help get you started or just provide some eye candy to brighten your day!

Remarkably Responsible:

Melissa Joy Manning – One of a kind, handcrafted designs using only responsibly sourced materials.


Ken & Dana – Bring your own diamond and have them craft the perfect sustainable setting. (We worked with these guys!)

Curated Vintage:

Stone Fox Bride – Never sacrificing style, this team will hunt down the perfect vintage piece providing one-on-one guidance and support along the way.

Precious Philanthropy:

Monique Péan – The epitome of luxe bespoke design committed to promoting environmental and social responsibility.

Ethical for Everyone:

Brilliant Earth – Believes that luxury goods need not come at great human or environmental cost, they’ve also got something for everyone.