Is Your Face Wash Killing Fish?

Mar 6,
By Rose

I like getting clean as much as the next girl, maybe even more. I grew up always having some kind of face scrub in the shower and to this day, if I’m not exfoliating my skin’s not happy. There’s a fine line between exfoliation and irritation, one that microbeads seemed to be a viable solution for – until these particles started showing up at the bottoms our lakes.

Because the microbeads found in personal cleansing products are so small, they slip right past the water treatment plant and into our waterways. One tube of face wash can contain 330,000 microbeads! These contaminants are showing up everywhere and pose a health risk to marine wildlife, and to us in turn as we eat fish who have been snacking on poison plastic.

Thank goodness there are amazing non-plastic alternatives. The Lush Ocean Salt Face Scrub is an awesome solution that not only smells like a margarita, but also gets the job done without the use of anything but all natural vegan ingredients. We can work together to help keep plastics off our faces and out of our waterways by banning the bead! You can sign the petition and refuse to buy or use products with these microbeads – check out for more info.

Share pics of products you find in stores that contain microbeads with the hashtags #banthebead and #buyconsicous and we’ll re-gram!