5 Holiday Gift Ideas That Keep On Giving

Nov 10,
By Julia
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Okay, okay … so it might be a little early for Holiday posts but I’m trying to get things done early this year! I am the QUEEN of waiting until the last minute because I honestly hate Holiday shopping. The thing is, while I love giving gifts to people, I can end up spending hours debating whether or not I’ve gotten a good present for my brother, sister, parents, extended family, friends; you name it and I’m constantly questioning whether or not they’ll like what I pick out! Thankfully on OxFam America, I’ve discovered a few “outside of the box” gifts that are definitely going to help me win at giving presents this Holiday season. Why? Because they’re action-oriented gifts that help communities and villages, so picking them out for the people I love isn’t even a question.

  1. A Goat! (Or Two): Goats are the coolest animals. Seriously, don’t they look like they’ve got years of wisdom in their eyes? Must be the goat-ee! Ha! Okay, no more lame jokes. There is nothing lame about giving the gift of a goat or two to communities who can use them for milk, reproduction, and fertilizer for family farms. One goat will cost you $50 and you can double it for $100 and get a pair.
  2. Train a Midwife: For $150 you can give the gift of life. Oh baby, that’s definitely going to help a lof of mothers bring new little bundles of joy into the world! You can train a midwife in rural communities so that she can help the mother-to-be prepare for the birth from the first phases in pregnancy through the start of the baby’s life.
  3. School Supplies: because lets be real, there are never enough supplies to go around, especially when there’s a lack of supply in the first place. For $30 you can provide pencils, rulers, notebooks, pens, art supplies, to help set students up to learn efficiently. You definitely get an A+ for that.
  4. Building Tools: for $25 this may seem like one of the cheaper gifts, but the benefits of having this tool-kit are priceless. Drills, hammers, nails, and other handy tools can help a community build back their lives after a natural disaster, or help them with the basics like building a road or planting a tree. 
  5. Help start a Small Business: as the co-founder of a small business (that would be the lovely BuyConscious) I love this one. For $100 you can help a fisherman, basket weaver, farmer, etc, start their own small business. You’re literally helping someone to make their dream come true and most importantly, to have hope and belief in their vision.

If you’ve heard of any other cool gift ideas, please share with us on twitter or instagram!