5 Glamping Essentials for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Sep 15,
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I love the wilderness and absolutely love camping, but lately I’ve been stepping my outdoor lifestyle up a notch. No longer do I merely survive while I camp, I make sure to bring along the necessities that will make my camping experience a bit more glamorous; Glamping, if you will. So throw out the PBR and add some yummy Cabernet, toss that ratty beanie and add a cute knit hat…below are 5 of my favorite conscious Glamping picks!

1. STATE Backpacks – Keep cute while you camp! STATE bags are not only super trendy & stylish (Beyonce has even partnered up with them!), but for every STATE backpack purchased, STATE hand delivers one bag to a child living with challenging and critical circumstances.

2. Wine from A Dog’s Life – We all know booze and camping go hand-in-hand. What else is going to keep you warm on those chilly outdoor evenings? Luckily A Dogs Life Wine keeps you toasty and guild free, as 10% of each sale benefits animal rescue and adoption organizations.

3. NEMO Screen Room Tarp – It’s always pure camping luxury to have a bug free zone where you can relax without the critters. That’s why the Nemo Screen Room Tarp is an absolute must have. Nemo utilizes the largest percentage of recycled materials in the industry and they even offer bamboo tent poles as separate alternatives to aluminum poles.

4. The Keep Cool Fridge – Keep all your food and drinks cool in The Keep Cool Fridge, while remaining eco-friendly and completely green. No electricity necessary! The Keep Cool Fridge incorporates two layers of material with water in between, cooling in the outside air and refreshing through a process of evaporation.

5. Cozy Cap from Krochet Kids – Made by workers in Peru who are employed, educated, and mentored by Krochet Kids programs; this adorable knit beanie will keep you warm and cute while you roast some marshmallows by the fire.

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