Boo! Five Halloween Inspired Accesories that Rock

Oct 20,
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If you’re one of those people who loves playing dress up, then I know you’re definitely looking forward to Halloween…but why wait for October 31st when you can be in-costume every day with these five great Halloween inspired accessories.

1. Welcome Companions Cat Ears –Wear all black and clip this fun feline barrette to the top of your head for a quick and easy cat costume. Ethical qualities: non-disposable, well made, local production, made in small quantities.

2. Brass Skull Handbag – This purse is made from recycled brass and is perfect for stashing your Halloween candy. Wear it year round to stay on trend by adding a punk element to any look.

3. Enduring Skulls Gold Earrings – These Ruff & Cut earrings are made from certified recycled 18 karat gold. All Ruff & Cut diamonds are conflict free. Ten percent of proceeds from each sale and a portion of the company’s profits go to non-profit partners that work to improve conditions in the lives and lands of the people in mining communities—particularly women and children.

4. Bourgeois Boheme Eloise Badger Flats – Bourgeois Boheme operates under an ethical business model that aims to facilitate an attitude of compassion towards humans, animals and the environment. All of their shoes are made vegan with eco-friendly, natural materials and fine quality Italian faux leather. Every sale of these Badger Flats goes to raise funds for Team Badger, an animal and wildlife welfare organization that saves badgers from being killed by the European government. Badgers spread tuberculosis to cattle, which is why the government kills them. Team Badger raises money to vaccinate them instead so they are no longer a threat.

5. Alkemie Bat Cuff – The bat is symbolic in Native American cultures as rebirth. Only from the darkness can we learn to let go of old patterns and be born anew. All Alkemie pieces are handmade in Los Angeles and forged from 100% reclaimed metal. There’s nothin’ scary about that!