5 Reasons Why Julia Louis-Dreyfus is Freaking Awesome

Aug 20,
By Julia
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Feature Photo: Melanie Acevedo

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is my best friend. Okay, okay, not really – but I want her to be. I have definitely fantasized about walking into a party with her and breaking into the notorious Elaine dance from her “Seinfeld” days, and then leaving before anyone knew what hit them! The Emmys are right around the corner and this nominee is up for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for “Veep,” making it her fifteenth nomination. If she gets to take home that shiny statue it will be her 5th win.

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Let’s skip over all of the stats and the industry talk; the reason I really want her to win is because my BFF Julia is an inspiration off-screen. She really cares about using her celebrity status to give back, to speak up, to spark a fire under our bums, and to take action. In a recent Rolling Stone interview she took time to share why it’s important for us to bring our own bags to the grocery store VS using plastic, and how she supports laws that now charges customers when they request a plastic bag. How’s that for sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, environmentally speaking of course.

Photos: Rolling Stone Magazine

The thing is, Julia genuinely cares. “I will quote Norman Lear, who said that celebrity is something you can spend. And so I have taken my so-called celebrity and occasionally spent it down on causes or things that I’m passionate about. I’m not running for office. I’m not a scientist. But I’m a concerned citizen.”

Photos: Julia’s Facebook Page

In case I haven’t fangirled enough, here are five more reasons Julia Louis-Dreyfus is freaking awesome:

1. Her second home is eco-conscious: retractable roof, a chemical-free hot tub, rooftop solar panels, hardwood from sustainable forests (certified), and a playful attitude – teasing herself for owning a second home in the first place.

2. She is working hard to close the gender gap in comedy — and in general — and will tell you straight up she’s sick and tired of getting asked to compare herself to a male comedian. Julia refuses to let sexism or misogynism get in her way.

3. Julia met her husband Brad Hall in college, they went on to co-star on “Saturday Night Live” for two years, got married in 1987 and have two sons. I imagine their family dinners to be filled with non-stop laughter.

Photo: NBC / SNL

4. She’s a huge supporter of Heal the Bay, Heal the Ocean, Causes, and Feeding America (to name a few)

5. Sarcasm. She doesn’t take herself too seriously. She messes up, she laughs at herself. It’s a great reminder for us all to lighten up a bit.

For more motivation, inspiration, and laughter, check out Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Facebook.