Organic and DIY Kitchen Cleaners You've Got To Try!

Feb 19,
By Julia
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You know how when you’re cleaning the kitchen and you start to get high on the chemicals in your cleaning products?? Yea…that can’t be good for you. When you see warning labels like “toxic” or “flammable” then you know that CAN’T be something you should feel good about inhaling! Before you get all DIY trying to make your own concoction of homemade cleaning potions (which I will give you a few simple solutions a little later, don’t you worry), here are a few brands that are safe for your body, your skin, and your family too.

1. Mrs. Meyer’s Surface Wipes (gentle-cleaning agents): These wipes smell lemon-y fresh, are biodegradable, and easy to use for quick wipe-downs on all surfaces.

2. Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid: Made from “plants not petroleum,” this biodegradable formula gets the job done without leaving gross residue on your hands.

3. Seventh Generation Natural Dishwasher Detergent Packs: Another win by SG, these chlorine-free, easy-to-use (you just throw a little pack into the dishwasher and poof)! and free of synthetic fragrances.

4. Twist Naked Sponges: It seems only natural to make sure the sponge that will be wiping down your kitchen with all of those organic, chemical-free cleaning products should be natural and organic as well. Introducing: Twist’s 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly sponge magic. No dyes, thank you very much.

5. BioKleen Glass Cleaner: For your kitchen windows, try ammonia-free, odorless BioKleen…it’s safe around plants as well.

And here’s a quick DIY trick that you can whip up in under five minutes to fix a clogged sink. Boil several cups of water. Add one cup of baking soda followed by another cup of white vinegar into the drain, wait 5 minutes, and flush by pouring the hot water on top.

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