Keepin Your Summer Skin Healthy & Happy

Jul 27,

Summer is in full swing and it is H.O.T. Love the sun, hate the damage – keeping my skin youthful and healthy is always at the top of the list. Unfortunately most sunscreens contain nasty chemicals, so staying protected from the dangers of the sun and the dangers of sunscreen toxins can be a major challenge. Luckily Kabana Skin Care has created an all natural organic sunscreen line that is amazing! With only 6 ingredients, Green Screen is my go to for every day wear.

Founded by Erik Kreider, it’s clear the Kabana Skin Care team truly is passionate about keeping their customers healthy and happy… “Skin is your largest organ; it’s a gateway to the rest of your body. You desire personal care products that are safe, healthy and effective for your entire family. You require peace of mind; to understand ingredients; to avoid chemical exposure. Kabana products are your happy solution. Beautifully simple. Effectively elegant. Healthful longevity. Love your skin. Kabana does.” –