Powerful Mascara You Simply Must Have

Jun 24,
By Julia
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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood in the mascara section of Sephora, CVS, or anywhere I can quickly pick up some lash lengthener since I usually wait until the last second to refill. To be honest, mascara is one of the beauty products I have absolutely no brand loyalty to. As long as the color is black, I’m good.

But once I heard about Bobbi Brown’s non-profit movement – The Pretty Powerful Campaign – everything I felt about my overall makeup brand apathy changed. The naturally beautiful, graceful makeup mogul selects different products from her line (mascara is currently the limited edition product of choice: CLICK HERE FOR MASCARA LINK) and donates 100 % of the proceeds to The Pretty Powerful Campaign. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. That in itself shows how passionately she believes in what I’m going to refer to as the PPC. The PPC’s purpose is to donate funds to different foundations set on empowering girls and women through education, giving them the tools to be leaders, and showing them how to stand in their power in a world where gender inequality is still very much a “thing.”

Oh and the mascara itself? Well dahhhling, I will tell you this, (insert slow, dramatic flirty blink), my eyelashes have never looked better.

Photos: Jarrett McGovern 

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