A Sexier Way to Shave

Mar 25,
By Julia

If you have even remotely sensitive skin like me, you basically think that shaving your legs is the worst! It’s hard enough to find a razor that doesn’t cause razor burn, let alone trying to find one that is environmentally conscious too. Well, it was anyway. During my last trip to Whole Foods I realized I was out of razors and based on the prickly situation that was starting to cover my legs, I figured I would see what they had to offer in their beauty section. That’s where I discovered the Preserve Triple Razor — the handle is 100% recycled (out of yogurt cups, how cool?!?) and 100% recyclable.

Because it’s considered #5 plastic, you can actually send Preserve your old handles and through a point system, you can get fun little rewards. This incredible company is also B Corp Certified, never tests on animals, is made in the USA, and is completely BPA free.

And the best part? I didn’t get razor burn! (Check out my razor action selfie shot above)! 😉

The moisturizing strip that helps lubricate the razor is made of vitamin E oil and aloe in addition to some plastic and vegan colorants. I didn’t know this was possible, but it’s also gluten-free. You learn something new every…

If you find any other beauty products that are exceptionally made and both take responsibility for their effects on this and future generations, please share your conscious finds with us on Twitter @buyconscious!