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Recycling Just Got Easier

Jul 31,
By Rose
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I’ve got a guilty conscience. That’s right, I’ve done it too. Throwing something away because it seems easier and I can’t possibly deal with adding another thing to my to do list. I know I’m not alone; Americans throw away 68 pounds of clothing per person, per year.

Reformation cares about us and doesn’t want us to live life with a guilty conscience. They also really care about the planet and want to help us all take better care of it by recycling. Seriously, they are making this so easy.

The next time you make an online order from the Reformation website, they’ll include a free RefRecycling shipping label along with the cheeky Lazy Person’s Guide to Recycling pamphlet. You can fill up the box that your really cool new outfit came in with that pile of old clothes you’ve been meaning to deal with or use another box you have handy. Then seal it up and put on the RefRecycling label. They even pick it up at your door. 

To help spread the word in typical awesome fashion, these geniuses are launching an #outfitofthepast campaign, asking you to share an old photo of yourself in a questionable outfit and remind your friends about all the ugly stuff they probably have in their closets. They’ll be rewarding the best bad outfit with $500 to shop for new clothes.

Sure, we’ll show you ours if you show us yours!

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