How to Start the New Year Off Right!

Jan 5,
By Rose
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Hello y’all! Feels like I haven’t posted since last year…because it’s 2015 now, get it?! That’s the only time I’ll use that sad excuse for a New Year’s joke I promise. It has been a while since my last post – the BuyConscious team took some time to recharge, reflect, and spend time with family & loved ones over the past couple weeks.

During that time I thought a lot about the overwhelming support we received from you, our community and collaborators. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to share really cool companies that care about people and the planet along with awesome products with great impact and stories behind the creators. We’re excited to bring you more in 2015 and over the next few weeks we’ll definitely reveal what we’ve got in the works.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves and jump into 2015, we wanted to share some our favorite moments from the past year. Our lovely friend Lynette Cenee inspired us with the idea of New Years “Rememberlutions.” Rememberlutions are an alternative to resolutions celebrating all you’ve accomplished over the past year. We even found this DIY project from Buzzfeed guaranteed to make you feel good all year – a fun way to use leftover holiday gift wrapping supplies and jars/vases you may have around the house to create a “rememberlutions jar.”

Here are a few of my personal #rememberlutions:

  • Co-founding and launching with my amazing, strong, and beautiful partner Julia Price
  • Ending my contribution to the “fast-fashion” cycle and only buying things I absolutely need or truly love and will keep for a very long time
  • Making time to connect with friends and family near & far and creating lasting memories and strong relationships

Here are a few of our favorite BuyConscious #rememberlutions:

  1. Blaire taught us a new word: Voluntourism 
  2. I decided that its better for the environment and everyone if we just keep wearing white pants year round… 
  3. Julia went to Burning Man  
  4. Christine joined our crew 
  5. Danika taught us how to cook clean — her Butternut Squash soup is the perfect recipe to get back on track if you indulged like I did this holiday season 

Tag us on twitter or instagram @buyconscious with your #rememberlutions – we would love to see what you’ve been up to!