A Worthwhile Reminder from Ashton Kutcher

Sep 19,
By Julia
Sub-Categorized in: Entertainment

Feature Photo: Ashton Kutcher winning his Teen Choice Award, where he used his acceptance speech to deliver an extremely important message to teens.

Usually Fridays are reserved for Fashion articles here at BuyConscious, but as I was scrolling my Facebook newsfeed last night, I came across a year-old Ashton Kutcher interview where he was speaking straight from his heart. The YouTube clip is pulled from The Ellen DeGeneres show and his vulnerability and passion behind his message are both incredibly strong — because they are real.

Kutcher addresses (with concern) the growing number of kids and teenagers who dream of chasing fame more than their actual dream itself. In fact,  a reality TV producer friend of mine told me that as she was interviewing kids about what they wanted to be when they grew up, nearly 20% of the kids said, “I want to be famous!” Remember when kids wanted to be doctors, dancers, the President, or to change the world for the better? Where did those dreams go?

I love how Ashton describes his vision of what success means, and how valuable hard work is when it comes to pursuing a lifelong passion. A friend of mine once said, “I don’t want to just work for a company who looks like they’re promoting good on the outside, I actually want to create that good in the real world.”

Check out the interview here…and the next time you want to compare your life to the Kardashians, take a quick look at this clip as a reminder for what it truly means to be happy.

For more info on Ashton Kutcher’s foundation Thorn (originally known as DNA, co-founded with Demi Moore to stand up to those who abuse and traffic children), click here.