How to Fake a Well-Rested Glow Every Day

Nov 14,
By Rose
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Cover Photo: Jarrett McGovern (shot on vacation in Tokyo) 

You know that feeling when you wake up 3 days into vacation and you don’t even need coffee because you aren’t tired anymore and you look in the mirror and your skin is actually glowing? Hah, I’m not sure I remember that feeling either — but I know what I think that should look like. It’s a look that Karlie Kloss and other supermodels (like Meranda Kerr) nail time and time again.

So, what’s the secret to this dewy radiant look? Lucky for us, it’s not a secret all. RMS living luminizer is fast approaching cult status, with Karlie and Meranda along with others in the know singing RMS’ praises often.

I’ve been using a different brand of cream highlighter for a while now, but I’ve been slowly and very consciously replacing each item in my beauty cabinet with better, natural and safe options from brands that align with my personal philosophy. I recently took a trip to the beauty counter at ABC Home, a great place to go for inspiration and perfect testing ground for new products. Sure enough after spending some time dressing up the back of my hand with various creams and colors, I took home my very own jar of RMS living luminizer along with several other finds that I’ll share soon – if they make the cut.

Unlike the “other” highlighter that I only used on special occasions when I was going for more of a full face look, the living lumizer has made it into my daily routine already. Using tips learned from Carmindy of “What Not to Wear Fame” I dab a bit under my brow, inside the corner of my eyes and right on top of my cheekbone and voila, VACATION GLOW!

RMS has passed the test on my super sensitive and temperamental skin and actually has a plumping and calming quality that I attribute to the organic coconut oil, one of the all natural food-grade ingredients. Rose-Marie Swift created the RMS line out of personal necessity and deep industry knowledge. She’s been a makeup artist for over 20 years and is at the top of her field, but she suffered serious health related issues due to toxic substances found in many cosmetic products. Swift has since detoxed and developed her own “better” line — she’s also dedicated herself to education and improving industry product standards. Check out the extensive knowledge base she’s created at

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