How My Dinner Bill Helped The Bee Population

Jun 1,
Sub-Categorized in: Food Life-Style

The other night while paying for dinner at Brooklyn restaurant, Colonie…I opened the bill to find quite the surprise –  seeds! Yes, there were actual seeds in my check presenter…well, Seed Tabs to be exact.

Seed Tabs is an amazing little company based in Oakland, CA and their mission is to “Show a profitable way to promote sustainability and make communities stronger. This easy access to seeds encourages people to learn how to grow food at home.” I actually ended up with the wild flower seeds, which are not only lovely to look at, but also help sustain the rapidly declining bee population. The guests next to me ended up with organic kale seeds and were extremely excited to run home and plant them.

So thanks to Seed Tabs, the mundane task of paying the dinner bill was transformed into an opportunity to help the bee population, or inspired someone to start an urban garden. 

Head to Seed Tabs to bring seeds to your business and community!