3 Ways to Update Your Snowbunny Swagger

Jan 15,
By Rose
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Cover photo: Jarrett McGovern

We’ve all been there — it’s the eleventh hour and you are packing for a last minute snowboard/ski trip to your amazing and generous friend’s place in the mountains when you realize you just packed the same gear you’ve been wearing for the last several (10+) seasons. This is the moment you know its time for some new snowbunny attire. The thing about winter gear is it’s a big investment ($$$) that will be with you for a long time (those ski pants from 10th grade though?)!

This is the perfect opportunity to think before you buy; the exciting, and maybe overwhelming opportunity to make a big purchase is a prime opportunity to buy conscious(ly) and choose products that make a positive impact (that you can feel really good about wearing for the next 10 years).

Check out some of these fabulous finds when you are refreshing your gear for the winter elements – perfect for powdery mountains or soggy streets!

Photo by: Jarrett McGovern

Base Layer: Patagonia

They are a shining beacon of sustainable enterprise and they do the basics like no other. I’m obsessed with Patagonia’s responsibly sourced Merino Wool Bottoms and Crew Tops as my first layer of defense. These base layer essentials are both made from bluesign® approved materials.

If you plan on taking it to the dark side of the mountain, through the most extreme elements or simply shiver at the thought of teen temps, opt to double-bag with a Down Sweater Jacket – you will be forever free from the fear that one layer is not enough protection.

There’s more to this story; Patagonia recycles materials like soda bottles and worn out garments into “Recycled Polyester” that they use to make many of their clothes! So the jacket you are wearing probably touched Brad Pitt’s lips (we’re never washing ours again).*1% for the planet member

Photo By: Jarrett McGovern

Sustainable Stance: Burton

There are so many things wrong with having a soggy bottom; but we don’t have to worry about that anymore. We’ve upgraded our (very) old pants with these Burton Gloria’s that make our bottoms feel very un-soggy. Full disclosure, this new material probably makes our bottoms look better than it did 10+ years ago when we bought those other pants from the same company. They’ve made great strides as a company in both design and impact, implementing the Green Mountain Process – transforming recycled plastic bottles into fabric. This fabric is also bluesign® approved. Is it just us or is it very nice to think that Brad Pitt’s lips might have also been on our pants?

Kristen Kenney in Sweden

Get Sponsored: Volcom

There’s a certain swagger that enters your step (stance) when you throw on a jacket that stands for something. The limited edition “wolf pack” (as I like to call it) version of the Volcom Astrid jacket I bought last year is amazing. It’s so good that it sold out! The coat protects you from the elements and the version I have protects Alaska’s wild lands through Volcom’s Give Back Series.

The new version of the Astrid has an equally dope design that will ensure that you stand out on the mountain. This year they are promoting Boarding For Breast Cancer‘s efforts, not only do these exclusive pieces include a unique B4BC print specifically designed to raise awareness, they support each purchase by donating $1 to the foundation for each garment sold. I recommended this to our friend Kris and she has been testing it out all over Sweden and gives her stamp of approval.*1% for the planet member

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