Super Sweet Headbands by Sugar Sky Shop

Mar 9,

Sure, it’s easy to love the adorable handmade turban headbands from Sugar Sky Shop…they’re as sweet as can be! “Made in the USA for the not so average chick, inspiring ladies to wear what they want.” But what’s even more delightful & charming, is the passion and drive of young founder Skyler Thomas.

When I asked Skyler about her vision and purpose for creating SugarSky her reply was nothing short of inspiring…

At 25 years old I had started a division inside a software company and was holding a Director position managing a team of roughly 10 people. I slowly grew to see that what I thought was my passion was slowly diminishing. Leaving all forms of financial security and only a few months after marrying my husband, I up and quit. I needed something more and luckily, my incredible husband empowered me to find that and follow my dreams. The reason I started SugarSky is because this is my passion. This company is going to bring happiness to so many more people than myself. I envision an awesome workplace environment, employing people and crafters from right here in the U.S. and us, along with our customers, building an incredible brand. My days can be filled with knowing that others are smiling because of what we’re doing and are going to do here… and that’s why I started SugarSky.

Clearly, Skyler’s ambition is fierce…but so is her style. I absolutely love everything about her turban headbands. And with such a sweet attitude, strong drive and great eye, I’m confident Skyler will fly high with Sugar Sky!

photos by Karla Xeno @karlaxeno

  • Rose Anna Martincak

    Love these! Perfect summer accessory and handmade in the USA!