The Perfect Sustainable Jewelry Box

Jun 19,
By Rose
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I’ve been meaning to post about Melissa Joy Manning and her incredible jewelry for a while. I was introduced via this post on EcoCult which provided a glimpse into the designer and the brand she’s built. Her jewelry is now carried by hundreds of retailers across the world and she has freestanding stores in SoHo and Berkley. If you have a chance – visit, her stores are so cool! I loved her jewelry from the moment I was introduced and even more after I learned about how much thought and care goes into the craftsmanship. Each piece is handcrafted in the California or New York studios using sustainable production methods. Melissa Joy Manning makes use of recycled and upcycled materials and stones. To the designer, “Being sustainable means ensuring that the product put into the world gives back to it and supports its survival.”

Manning brings this ethos and inspiration to her collaboration with The Style Line. The Style Line founder, Rachel Schwartzmann shares glimpses of their beautiful creations along with background on the project’s purpose on her website. The collaboration, dubbed The Echo Collection, is described in her post as “a collection of jewelry boxes that inspire thought and echo change surrounding conscious consumerism in the fashion industry.”

Manning and Schwartzmann with the finished product.

Each jewelry box is handmade in the US from reclaimed wood, recycled brass, and family mined stones. 10% of all proceeds from Echo go to CFDA’s Sustainability Fund.

All photos from The Style Line