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Sweatshop: Deadly Fashion

Feb 2,
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We all love a good bargain and I admit, I’m always willing to try my luck at the H&M, GAP or Zara sale rack…but ever since watching a new series called Sweatshop, I’ve begun to rethink the true cost of what it takes to keep my clothes cheap.

Sweatshop is a well done reality show that is actually smart & informative. The 5 part series features three famous fashion bloggers from Norway as they learn the harsh truth about where their clothes come from. We follow the well-dressed, wide-eyed teenagers through their month long journey in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The three bloggers are forced to survive on typical garment worker wages — about $100/month, they sleep on the floor of their cramped one room homes, and work long grueling hours in the over crowded clothing factories…sewing the same hem day after day. As they learn about the never-ending threat of poverty, illness and potential starvation, it doesn’t take long for the trio to realize just how terribly desperate the garment workers situation is.

Just like the Norwegians, I was definitely a fan of cute clothes at low cost. But similar to their transformation in Sweatshop, I too am now forced to rethink the importance of that cheap tank and ask myself…who had to suffer to keep this price so low.

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