Why You Should Try Traveling Alone

Jan 26,
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Although a good travel buddy is worth their weight in gold, I’ve always been a huge advocate for the solo journey. There are certain things you gain when taking a trip all to yourself that are simply invaluable.

Here are 6 reasons you should plan your next trip with you and you alone!

1. Personal Growth — Traveling alone is scary and challenging…and really frustrating at times. There have been many occasions in my solo travels where I’ve wanted to give up and go home early, feeling totally miserable, defeated and lonely. But it always seemed the toughest days were followed by the most extraordinary ones. Pushing through those dark moments and being completely self reliant in the most uncomfortable situations builds character, courage & confidence; ultimately forcing you to realize that you’re totally badass! 

2.  Openness  When your all by yourself you’re open to meeting new people, you strike up conversations more willingly and are easily approachable. I’m still close friends with folks I’ve met on my sojourns, amazing people I might not have connected to if I’d had a travel companion by my side.

3.  Valuing What’s Important Far from the people you love with only a pack on your back, or a suitcase in hand, taking a trip on your own helps you fully appreciate whats important in life. You realize you don’t need much to be happy and quickly forget about your material possessions left back at home. What you don’t forget are the people you love most and how lucky you are to have them in your life.     

4.  Freedom — When traveling alone you’re the boss. You decide where to go, what to do, where to eat and who to meet. No bickering over travel itineraries, or who’s fault it is for getting lost. Stay in bed all day, or take a train to the next country — you have the freedom to do what ever you please!

5.  Practicing Presence — When your on your own in an unfamiliar place, it’s easy to spend a lot of time thinking of the future, or past — it can be a challenge to stay present and enjoy the incredible adventure you’re on. After an epic excursion you learn to practice presence and try to fully appreciate the amazing moments as they’re happening.

6.  Secrets Only You Keep — No matter how many times you try to describe your crazy travel tales to friends and family…you’ll never quite capture the magic in those moments. Those terrifying, hysterical, bizarre, beautiful, breathtaking, unbelievable moments are impossible to translate into words — those are your special secrets and that’s pretty damn cool.

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