Organic, Under Eye Cream that will Change Your Life

Jan 8,
By Julia
Sub-Categorized in: Beauty

Photo: Tyler Shumway

I’m not really a big makeup person. I’ve always been a fan of washing my face with soap and water and throwing on some basics (under-eye concealer, mascara, blush, and maybe some lip gloss if I remember to grab it before I head out for the day). But lately, I’ve started to notice that my skin looks dry, especially the under-eye area, which in turn can make it look dryer…which in turn makes me look tired no matter how much sleep I get!

Over the holidays, I helped myself to my mom’s makeup and beauty product selection to see if I could find a cream or lotion that I liked. We both have incredibly sensitive skin and generally any time we try a new product, we both experience breakouts (this is one of the main reasons I’ve stuck to a soap and water routine). One of her eye creams caught my attention as it was in a bright orange tube and kind of hard to miss. I read it: Origin’s Ginzing “refreshing eye cream to brighten and depuff.” “Cool,” I thought. I’ll try it.

After several days of applying a small dab under my eyes every night before bed, I was actually surprised with how quickly I felt and my skin react positively. As a total non-believer in “miracle” beauty products, I quickly dropped my doubt when I noticed that I’d lost the dark circles that sometimes form under my eyes. I look more awake, and healthier overall. I’m already obsessed and have ordered 3 bottles from the site so that I can stock up.

On top of their all natural and organic ingredients (it’s pretty cool, they even have a chart on their site where you can browse the different ingredients in each product…photo above), they are free from:

1. parabens

2. paraffin

3. mineral oil

4. animal ingredients

5. petrolatum

…to name a few. They also run their company through earth-friendly practices, rely heavily on recycling and reusable resources, donate millions of dollars to different organizations that protect animals and the planet, and have the “Origins Plant-A-Tree” initiative that has already helped plant 420,000 globally.

Oh right, and did I mention how good my eyes look on top of that? Just making sure :). Share your favorite makeup products with us @buyconscious!